Since 1994

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  1. Specialized Treatment
    We utilize a variety of treatment modalities and approaches to assist our clients successfully achieve treatment goals. These modalities include group therapy, individual therapy, family therapy, marital counseling, and support groups for parents, spouses, and significant others. Treatment consists of one or more of the following modules: ≈ Group therapy ≈ Individual therapy ≈ Psycho-educational classes ≈ Homework assignments ≈ Therapeutic activities during group ≈ Study groups Our psycho-educational classes facilitate learning necessary skills. Course topics cover the following general areas: - Orientation for new members - Thinking error/cognitive restructuring - Empathy building - Sexual assault cycle - Healthy sexuality - Relapse prevention - Covert Conditioning - Healthy sexuality To ensure most effective intervention, we place our clients based on needs and risk factors. Services are delivered in such manner maximize responsiveness. Also, we strongly encourage involvement and support of parents, spouses, and significant others. Often, these relationships provide much needed support and increased accountability.
  2. Turning Point
    Our theoretical approach is cognitive- behavioral. Cognitive behavioral approach believes that mall adaptive behavior is the result of cognitive distortions. Behavior can change once the thinking errors are corrected. To this end, we offer short psycho-educational classes to ensure learning necessary skills, topics include: - Orientation for new members- Thinking error/cognitive restructuring- Empathy building- Sexual assault cycle- Healthy sexuality- Relapse prevention- Covert Conditioning and Healthy relationship skills.